About Us

Service is Our Best Product
Dave and Jeanne Lutz, owners of Rhoads Hallmark & Gift Shop, are adamant about what sets their store apart from the rest. “Service is our best product.” Staffed by 35 dedicated, talented, and caring employees – many of whom have been with Rhoads for more than 25 years – Rhoads Hallmark &amp Gift Shop holds a level of professionalism and knowledge unsurpassed by its competition. Maybe that explains why customers have been visiting Rhoads for over 40 years.

Stop in and introduce yourself today! After all, whether it’s filling a prescription or filling your home, we’re always glad to see you.

Our Mission Statement
We strive to create a RETAIL ENVIRONMENT of fun-loving, outgoing employees that trust and help one another while working toward a common goal – an environment where the passion and energy of the staff create an exceptionally high level of CUSTOMER SERVICE. An environment so positive that it transcends to the customers, making them feel GREAT about themselves, the store and the shopping experience they just had.

To create a business that is the BEST that it can be; a business with employees and service that can truly be called WORLD CLASS.

A Hummelstown landmark, this hometown pharmacy has been serving friends and neighbors for more than 70 years. Originally established by Westly Standford in 1931 as “Standford’s Drug Store,” the pharmacy was renamed “Rhoads Pharmacy” when Simon Rhoads purchased it in 1953. To reflect the architecture of the time, Mr. Rhoads redesigned the store front, remodeled the pharmacy, and added a gift shop in the late 60’s. Dave and Jeanne Lutz purchased the business in 1973. Wanting to return the building to its original 1930’s look, they redesigned the building in 1991. In 2002, the Lutz’s undertook the renovation of an adjacent home to create their newly expanded Gift Shop. Connected to the original building by a landscaped courtyard, the 2,000 square-foot expansion now houses Rhoads vast collection of gift items in a historic, uncluttered, and relaxed environment. In 2018, Mr. Lutz sold the pharmacy end of the business to CVS and expanded the gift shop and was renamed to Rhoads Hallmark & Gift Shop.